New Mexico is truly an enchanted place. While you join us in celebration we encourage you to explore everything the state has to offer – from breathtaking sunsets to fabulous local cuisine, New Mexico has it all.


Lots more than just the wedding

Lots more than just the wedding

Many of you are not from New Mexico, have never visited the land of enchantment, or have not spent much time in the Southwest. We hope that joining us for our wedding serves as an opportunity to change that. Below we share a few of our favorite things to do in and around Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Everyone should try and drive up to Santa Fe for the day. It is a great town. We both love Ten Thousand Waves, an amazing Japanese Spa. There is tremendous eating in Santa Fe. A great place is the Shed or (its sister restaurant La Choza). Dan particularly loves the green chile burger at Horseman's Haven, a whole-in-the-wall next to a gas station. But, man is it delicious. Santa Fe is also a destination for art - including its three annual art festivals. For the art fans, its Folk Art Museum is a must see. Also, there are literally hundreds of Galleries on Canyon Road, so take a walk around, pop in some galleries, and make sure to stop by the Tea House.

Albuquerque has lots to do, regardless of what your thing is. One suggestion is a walk through the Nob Hill area on Historic Route 66. This area has great shopping and some very cool architecture. Two unique museum options include the Indian and Hispanic Cultural Centers. For fans of the show Breaking Bad (and who isn't), there is the the Breaking Bad Bus Tour, so you can see where Walter, Jessie, Gus and the rest made their Blue. Like Santa Fe, Albuquerque also has tons of biking and hiking trails. The links to the right are a great resource. If you want more specific recommendations, just call or text Jo or Dan. 

Because you are going to ask

Because you are going to ask

First, and we know no one believes us, your presence is more than enough. We already have more than we need.

Second, if you're going to buy us a gift, please use the three registries to the right. We are particularly proud to support Heath Ceramics. Heath has been hand making ceramics in the Bay Area since 1948. If you're in the Bay Area, we encourage you to visit their showroom and get a cup of Blue Bottle.

Please Book Your Rooms Early

We inadvertently planned our wedding the same weekend as the Gathering of Nations, which is the huge annual American Indian Powwow. Hotel rooms will go fast as a result. On the other hand, this is a cool event and it is worth checking out if you are interested. But the headline is please book your rooms now to avoid running into trouble finding one. You'll see a few options in the right hand bar.

We didn't forget about Los Poblanos as a hotel option, however, we have already filled the small number of rooms at the inn with our family and wedding crew. 



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