Though many of you know our story, we wanted to memorialize it - both for hilarity and for those who haven't heard (all of) it.

A Moscow Mule taken at  House of Sheilds

A Moscow Mule taken at House of Sheilds

How we met

Dan: I often ask Jojo how I got so lucky to meet her. Her, no bullshit, answer is algorithms. I am just thankful to Vint Cerf, Marc Andreessen, and Al Gore, for making the Internet, and Sam Yagan, for OkCupid

Our 0.25 date was at House of Shields which is still one of our favorite spots in San Francisco. Over drinks Jojo got me pontificating about The Wire. 

Then, for our 0.50 date, few days later Jojo came to see Shut Up and Play the Hits with about 15 friends of mine and inadvertently sat between two of my ex-girlfriends. Thankfully it was months before she figured that one out. Later that week, on a dare, we went to see Nicki Minaj. That was 1.0... and after that I stopped incrementing.

The infamous hammock - note the spread sheet still in use

The infamous hammock - note the spread sheet still in use

How Dan proposed

Well it didn't all start on bended knee. Instead our journey toward a wedding began in a hammock with spreadsheet model. "Nerds", we know. But the hammock was pretty inspiring. When asked, we were not "engaged". Rather, we had a spreadsheet. 

This spreadsheet nonsense went on for a month or two. Then things got serious! The questions from Jo's co-workers (who did not like this concept of a spreadsheet at all) kept coming. The metaphorical poo hit the fan on Valentine's Day when at 11:30pm at night there was a brief conversation that went something like this. Jo: Hilary keeps giving me a (insert explicative) about you not asking me officially to marry you. Pause. Dan: Do you want to get married? Jo: Yes. Dan: That didn't come out quite right. Do you want to get married to me? Jo: Yes, and continues driving car home from airport. 

The happy couple

The happy couple

We then began our preparations in earnest. Dan's grandma generously gave us her engagement ring and we worked with a local artist to turn it into Jo's dream ring. Six weeks later it was ready and Dan needed to figure out what to do with the ring. 

Scruff and Dan two kindred spirits

Scruff and Dan two kindred spirits

He went and picked it up in Berkley and then came home. We then journeyed to one of our favorite places, Ocean Beach, for a dog walk and what we both thought would be a romantic spot for a ring presentation. We went for a walk toward the dunes. And right before we were going to sit down Noodle dived into the retaining pond. We then immediately took her to the ocean to wash off the green goo. And then finally after everyone was covered in salt water there was a ring on one special finger.  

Our Family

What you have Doggles!!! 

Noodle wasn't the only one joining us on the beach. Mr. Scruff was there too. These two pups are our furry family and they fill our lives with fun and snoogles in San Francisco. They love walking on the beach, eating cookies, and generally being spoiled by their human underlings. 

Dan, Jo, Noodle, and Scruff all live together in San Francisco, CA. Where they keep to their routine and work every week to cook all the vegetables from their CSA box no matter how strange - stinging nettles anyone? 

Who is this Daniel Kimerling?

Noodle stole the show right before the big "question"

Noodle stole the show right before the big "question"

He is one busy dude. That's what he is. As the founder of two start-ups - Deciens Capital and Standard Treasury - he is a road warrior helping revolutionize the banking industry. More importantly, Dan is a "top decile" partner who makes Jo and the dogs a top priority in his busy life. He does this by riding bikes, sharing soup, and picking up half of the dog poo. 

Who is this Jo Stein?

She is a data driven marketer leading a team of 5 at Sunrun, a growth stage company based in San Francisco. Between driving lead volume and developing marketing strategy Jo hangs out with her knitting club and loves to cook. She helps keep Dan pursuing his brew-mantic endeavors, drinking only the best coffee treats that the Bay Area has to offer.

More Adventures to Come

We’re looking forward to many more adventures (and noms) to come. Top of mind is our honeymoon in Southeast Asian. But Japan, and that all their ramen, along with New Orleans are also high up on the list.

Big trips aside, Dan and Jo love exploring northern California in their Audi, with dogs in the boot and bikes on the roof.